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Payvana understands the ever evolving needs of our payment processing clients and has created a very flexible platform that allows us to tailor our solutions around the needs of our clients.

The payment processing landscape has changed dramatically recently and our clients require a more sophisticated suite of products to allow them to securely manage their business and gain a greater control over their payment processing strategy so they can effectively navigate this ever-changing environment. Payvana allows you, our client, the ability to take back control of your payment processing and, ultimately, your business.

Payvana has the experience, relationships, and technology that will allow your business to maximize your payment processing strategy with our extensive suite of payment processing solutions. With Payvana, you can be sure that your ability to operate your business is our number one concern. Our program will place you in the ideal situation to do that with maximum efficiency, safety and security, so you can concentrate on running your business.





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As the co-chair of the Bissell Blocktail Party, I heard from our committee members about Payvana’s flexibility and willingness to help solve for some new processes that we were looking to implement. Year after year, we look forward to Payvana’s expertise on payment processing and we place a high value on the excellent customer service that Payvana delivers.

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As the Event Director at St. Cecilia Music Center, I have had the pleasure of working with Payvana for the past 5 years.  Payvana was recommended to me by one of our board members who has also worked with Payvana for quite some time.  Our method was beyond antiquated and upon contacting Payvana, within a week, we were brought up to date with the way we run our credit card systems.  I could not be more pleased with the customer service that I continually receive.  It is rare today to find a company that responds personally to each question or request without hesitation.  Even as a small business, our needs are always met immediately and without question.  It is obvious that Payvana takes great pride in its work,

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Having multiple small business and multiple bank accounts can be a management nightmare, but Payvana has helped us link our merchant services and small business entities effectively and efficiently making our income flow management easy.  The Payvana staff is always ready to help us when we need them and always have an effective solution for any issue we may encounter.  We have had many merchant service companies try to move our business from Payvana, but none can match the service and reliability we get being a part of the Payvana team.

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I wanted to say thank you for your amazing service and product recommendation for our new web business.  Being new to this process, Payvana was very helpful in helping Fitchix Food and Fitness select the right product for our needs.  The installation went as smooth as it could possibly be and you were very quick with answers the few questions we did have. Where pricing is not always on the top of our list, service always is, Payvana came through there too.  You guys are the complete package.  I will recommend you highly and please feel free to use us as a recommendation.  It is a pleasure to be doing business with Payvana. 




1  What is a merchant account, and do I need one?

A merchant account is set up with a financial institution to allow you to accept credit card payments directly from your clients. Unlike with most third-party services, money collected through your merchant account is deposited directly into your checking account within 2 to 3 business days for domestic accounts, and weekly or bi-weekly for offshore account. Your business will need a merchant account if you want to take credit card payments from your clients, and have the funds deposited directly into your business checking account.

2  Do you offer merchant accounts to businesses outside the United States?

Yes, we offer both domestic and offshore merchant accounts.

3  How do I accept credit cards online?

You have two options for online processing. One option is to utilize an online payment page through your website where your customer’s process transactions through a secure connection to a server to obtain authorization for the charge in real-time. This method normally utilizes a shopping cart but doesn’t require one. The main reason to want to utilize a shopping cart is if your business offers multiple products or services. The other utilizes a virtual terminal where the credit card information for each sale is taken over the phone or in some manual effort and keyed into the system from a secure Internet connection. Most gateways offer both website and virtual terminal processing options.

4  Do I Need a Shopping Cart for Online Sales?

Most online merchants utilize shopping cart software to make the sales process easier for customers. The main reason to want to utilize a shopping cart is if your business offers multiple products or services. You can choose from many different shopping cart programs. We recommend using a cart that meets your particular needs and is very flexible so you can customize it as your business develops.

5  I don’t have a website. What if I want to process sales offline?

You can use a virtual terminal supplied by most gateways to key-in credit card sales. This is the normal process for most mail order and/or phone order sales. Another option is to use a batch process where you will upload transactions to the gateway. This option is not in real-time as is mostly used for a large number of recurring transactions (For example, monthly membership fees at a gym or for a membership based website).

6  How long does it take to get set up?

It depends on whether you are applying for a domestic or offshore account. For Domestic accounts, it generally takes 3 – 5 days to perform the underwriting and obtain an approval. With that being said, we have received approvals within 2 hours and have had other approvals that have taken longer than 5 days because of complications in the merchant’s situation. If the merchant is applying for an offshore account (International) the process normally takes 2-3 weeks. Again, we have had merchants where the process has only taken 5 days and others that the process went longer than 3 weeks. Once we obtain the approval we will create the eCommerce gateway account and you will be ready to process transactions regardless of which type of account you are applying.

7  What if I don’t get approved?

We have a 99% approval rate, so it’s very unlikely that you wouldn’t get approved. We will go over all the details of your business before you apply, so we will do our best to be sure that you will get approved. If, for some reason, you are declined domestically we can submit your application for approval offshore. This is an unusual event but it is an option nevertheless.

8  Are there any businesses that you do not allow to apply?

Yes. A good rule of thumb is we will decline any merchant participating in any illegal activity, Online Gaming, Online Pharmacies, and any business that has been known to be fraudulent in the past.

9: How long does it take to receive our funds once an order is processed?

This depends on whether your account is a domestic or offshore account. Domestic accounts will have funds deposited directly into your checking account, within 2-4 days, depending on several factors including risk related delays, whether you batched your transactions out for a given day (not applicable for auto-batch merchants), and other possible scenarios. Offshore accounts will have funds wired into your account weekly unless otherwise agreed to during the underwriting process.

10: Why are there different rates for different accounts?

The rates for merchant accounts vary based on the amount of risk involved in the transaction. The accounts with the lowest rates will always be the ones where the customer is present and the card is swiped and a receipt signed in a face to face transaction. The credit card companies view these types of transactions to be fairly low in risk for fraud, whereas internet transactions and transactions where orders are taken by phone or mail are generally considered higher risk since the customer is not present and the card is not in hand.

11  What is a Chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a charge on their statement by contacting the credit card company instead of contacting you. If a customer does not recognize the charge on their statement, or if they believe the amount was wrong, they may call their credit card company and ask them to investigate. Thus begins the chargeback. The merchant bank will charge you a fee for the retrieval of information, and if it is determined that the customer is right, there will be another fee for the chargeback itself. The customer will be refunded their money directly through the credit card company and your checking account will be debited. Eventually, if your account has excessive chargebacks, the bank may choose to cancel your account. The more you do to protect yourself against chargebacks, the better off you’ll be. Domestically the percentage for chargebacks allowed before credit card companies begin to levy fines and possibly terminate your account is 1%. Offshore accounts have the benefit of 2% chargebacks for some credit card companies.


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